Institute of Microelectronic Systems

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Manfred Glesner

Current Projects

  • DFG Project “Anwendungsmodellierung und -abbildung auf Multiprozessor-System-on-Chip-Plattformen
  • Forum Organic Electronics (daVinci Polytos )
  • FP7 EU-Project MoDe (Maintenance on Demand)
  • DFG Project “Simultane Kommunikationssynthese und Spannungsskalierung zur Verlustleistungsminimierung unter Berücksichtigung von Prozess- und Datenflussvariationen
  • MerckLab
  • DFG Priority Program “Reconfigurable Computing Systems”
  • DFG Graduate Training Group “Tunable Integrable Components in Microwave Technology and Optics” (TICMO )
  • Reconfigurable computing systems for digital high-frequency control of heavy-ion accelerators (in cooperation with GSI )

Past Projects

  • BMBF Joint Research Project LEONIDAS+
  • DFG Project “Untersuchung rekonfigurierbarer Eigenschaften zeitdiskreter Signalverarbeitungssysteme und Entwurfsverfahren für rekonfigurierbare Abtastsysteme der Nachrichtentechnik
  • DAAD PPP with Montpellier, France (PROCOPE)
  • DFG Research Training Group “System Integration for Ubiquitous Computing in Information Technology”
  • BMBF Project IP²
  • DAAD PPP with Hongkong
  • Distributed Internet-based CAD Methods for Future Complex Microelectronic Systems (DInCAD)
  • DFG Special Research Field 241 “Innovative Mechatronic Systems” (IMES)
  • Rapid prototyping of communication structures for embedded systems with hard time constraints
  • Graduate Program ISIA
  • EU-Project FILU
  • EU-Project MPEG-4 PC